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Wellion are committed to becoming your core partner for your business in Thailand and can provide you with a variety of support, including rapid company registration, tax registration, registering trademarks in DIP to fully protect your intellectual property rights, handling tax and audit compliance for you, and providing customers with Services, warehouse storage and fulfillment services, etc.

Company formation

We can assist investors in registering companies in China or Thailand legally. Take advantage of local policies and enjoy preferential tax exemptions. If you register a joint venture in Thailand, you need to provide 1-2 Thai shareholders to comply with policy requirements. We can register for VAT, maximize your business expansion, and ensure legal compliance.

Trademark registration

In order to fully protect your intellectual property rights, we recommend that you register your trademark. We can provide trademark registration services, including composite categories in China and Thailand, to ensure that your intellectual property rights are properly protected. Registering a trademark is a long process, and we can help you follow up to get results quickly.

Customer service response

There is no need to worry about language and culture issues. Our professional customer service team can learn and understand your products and help you reply to customer service within the period specified by the sales platform. At the same time, automated AI methods are also used to help your sales get twice the result with half the effort.

​Warehousing and fulfillment

Our warehouse is qualified for import, export, and FDA product storage. There are only monthly storage fees. You don't need to increase warehousing costs, you only need to focus on your main business.

One-stop store hosting

Our operations team can help you manage all aspects of your store in a refined manner, including product listing, promotions, campaign management, customer service, advertising optimization, etc. You just have to wait for the revenue to come in.

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