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FDA & License Holding

There is no need to register a company in Thailand. You only need to designate Wellion as the FDA license holder to register cosmetics, dietary supplements and medical devices with the Thai FDA. Expand your business as quickly as possible and at low cost, in as little as one month. You can sell online within a few seconds.

What is Thai FDA?

What is Thai FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA) is a government agency under the Ministry of Health of Thailand that oversees Thai drugs and food. In Thailand, the production or sale of food and drugs requires approval from the Thai Food and Drug Administration. In Thailand, health products belong to the category of special foods, and sales and production of special foods in Thailand require FDA approval​​

With a FDA license in Thailand you can

With a FDA license in Thailand you can

  • B2C and D2C dual channel sales, providing channel management and fulfillment services at the same time

  • With a license, it is completely legal to ship across borders and sell online.

  • Sell direct to multi-regional distributors (avoid markups to your national distributors)

  • Gain better leverage in negotiations and improve distributor performance

  • Add or replace resellers as needed (you are the license owner)

  • Keep your intellectual property beyond the reach of local commercial agents

What wellion can do for you

What we can do for you

WELLION's in-house regulatory department can provide you with Thai FDA registration, hold your license and manage the entire process of your inventory from import to delivery, ensuring that the products you import or produce meet Thai regulatory compliance.


In most cases, Thai FDA registration is just a matter of time: miscommunication or simple copy-pasting of documents can lead to a huge waste of time and money. We guarantee our clients fast registration with all divisions of the Thai FDA: Medical Devices, Dietary Supplements, Hazardous Substances, Cosmetics, Food.

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