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E-Commerce Service

Choosing online sales channels in Thailand is restricted by Thai politics, culture, consumption habits and other factors. Our professional team can help you operate and manage channels, plan and carry out localized marketing activities, quickly seize the brand market, and make your investment more efficient.

Shopee Lazada

Store registration and application

Whether it's Shopee, Lazada or TikTok, we can professionally help you set up a personal store or brand flagship store, taking your first step into the Thai market.

Local stores in Thailand can apply as a company or as a Thai citizen, and the categories include brand flagship stores and ordinary stores. You can choose according to your business needs. It must be noted that the brand flagship store must be registered as a company and obtain a registered trademark or brand authorization in the Thai market.

Localization of marketing materials

Localization of marketing materials

Let us help you retarget your brand and localize your promotional materials. We can make the selling points of your products more prominent and easier for your target groups to understand, thereby increasing sales conversions.

At the same time, we recommend using social media commonly used in Thailand for content marketing. For example, Facebook and Instagram have quite a wide range of users in Thailand. Using standardized marketing language and investing an appropriate budget for promotion can enhance brand influence and exposure.

​Shop operation and optimization

​Shop operation and optimization

E-commerce platforms in different countries have different promotion rhythms, which are determined by social culture and life attributes, which also affect consumers' shopping habits.


We are good at planning and preparing monthly promotions.We starting from the visibility and attractiveness of the store and products, create appropriate materials, to ensure stable growth in store revenue.


We can help your business on the e-commerce platform formulate activity strategies and advertising strategies, including budget management, and continuously track and optimize store performance based on the input-output ratio (ROAS).

Accounting Compliance

Accounting Compliance

When selling on e-commerce platforms, sellers are obliged to report their income to the revenue department based on actual income. Commissions, transaction fees, logistics transportation fees and advertising fees collected by the platform must also be included in the company's expenses, and withholding taxes must be paid in accordance with the law.

As the tax bureau further refines its requirements in early 2024, e-commerce tax compliance is bound to be a major trend in the future.

Our team can help you handle your income and expenses in compliance with the latest policies of the Thai revenue department, and pay various business taxes in compliance with the law.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

Our warehouse is qualified for import, export, and FDA product storage. There are only monthly storage fees. You don't need to increase warehousing costs, you only need to focus on your main business.

We insist on "Quick response and Quick delivery". Even if the platform has a delivery deadline of 2-3 days, we can try our best to arrange delivery within 24 hours to ensure effectiveness for buyers. 

Our warehouse can handle up to nearly 1,000 orders per day. We have cooperative relationships with major express delivery companies in Thailand, providing professional packaging materials and quick response. At the same time, it can handle customer returns and exchanges, saving you valuable costs.

Warehousing and Fulfillment
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